October  2003
Judge Glenn Thompson's order for a new trial is under review by the five judges that
make up the
Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

My ethics complaint against Halbrooks and Powell is being investigated by the Alabama
Bar Association.

Five judges and an ethics board are considering the "
bloody footprint defense."  It's
some of the evidence Judge Thompson singled out in his "explanation" to the CCA to
justify a new trial--based on the defense lies that the "bloody footprint" was withheld
from them by prosecutors.  Well, Ms. Halbrooks has now told the Bar she simply
forgot about getting the document 16 months before trial, and Mr. Powell passed up his
opportunity to explain
his reason for lying in Court altogether. When two lawyers can
be shown to be lying, and their combined explanation is that one of them forgot about
key evidence,  then the two lawyers have a problem.

Judge Thompson is arguing for a new trial with his "fact" that the bloody
footprint was withheld from the defense, when even the defense lawyers admit it's
not true
.  It seems Judge Thompson believes everything Halbrooks and Powell tell him;
no evidence is required to back it up.  And it seems Thompson thinks everyone else will
believe it, too, even when the evidence makes them all look foolish.
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Judge Thompson also singled out the "hard drive" evidence to justify a second trial to
the Court of Criminal Appeals.  At the same time, the Bar is considering that the
defense lawyers lied about being on pornographic, matchmaking websites in their "
of proof" to make the "hard drive" admissible in the first place.

And while the CCA is undoubtedly trying to understand how the
FBI report can be
admissible under the
rape shield law, the Bar is trying to understand how the contents of
it have already been made public in the press and the Internet.   
But then, Thompson also gave merit to the back of the 911 file card, Martin Lane's
polygraph graphs, AOL's verification that we had an account with them, and the three
statements the defense had 6 weeks before trial.  Yes, Thompson put his stamp of
approval on these pitiful contrivances.  It's all he needs to hear to justify setting Moore
free.  He's staked his reputation on it.
It seems my alleged suicide has doubled the hits to the website this week.
The Decatur enews "Tipton Trial Discussion" is closed, at least for now.  When it was
brought to the attention of the president of "ezboard," he shut it down immediately.  It
seems the boys have some explaining to do with regard to privacy rules, defamation,
and illegal posts in a public forum.