February, 2004
When I began this website in May, 2003, I said Thompson was thinking about just
turning him loose.  I said the same thing on the yahoo group:  "Now, because of an
ignorant and biased small-town judge, he stands every chance of walking free."  Almost
nobody believed it could happen.  I KNEW it could happen, but practically everyone
thought I was exaggerating.  There is no one that attended last month's atrocity that
doubts me now.

I think it bears repeating:  this is the most heinous crime imaginable.  Daniel Moore is
linked to the crime by the most overwhelming evidence imaginable, including multiple
DNA matches.  He's already been convicted on four counts of capital murder--verdicts
even Judge Thompson says are consistent with the facts and the law.  Even the Decatur
Daily--his best friend--says they believe he's guilty!  But in spite of all that, he can still
walk free.

So how will the press handle it if he's turned loose?  They'll likely give it one big story.  
Some of them will even take the angle of "killer free on a technicality."  But then they'll
drop it like a hot potato.  Why?  Because they don't like to scare people.  And this is a
very scary story.  People would rather maintain the fantasy that there is a criminal
justice system that protects them. And the press will drop it because they, too, have
blood on their hands.  It wouldn't have been possible without the local press covering
for Judge Thompson and the defense team.
I have recently posted the defense lawyer's ludicrous
opening statements from trial.  Today I have posted the
prosecutor's opening statement, an overview of the
evidence against Daniel Moore.  There's a LOT of
evidence against Moore--so much that it took over an hour
to simply outline it.  To see it,
It's been almost a year since Judge Thompson awarded
Moore a second trial  Today, I have posted that original
CLICK HERE to read it for yourself.
The local press has printed scores of articles, letters, and
editorials attacking the ethics of the prosecutors.  In contrast,
there has not been a word in the press critical of the defense
lawyers' sleaze campaign.  Today, I've decided to publish my
ethics complaint against Halbrooks and Powell.
To see what the Bar Association has been investigating for
the past five months,
CLICK HERE for the Halbrooks complaint.
CLICK HERE for the Powell complaint.
The Bar's Disciplinary Commission Responds: