December  2003
It's been almost five years now since Daniel Wade Moore sexually tortured and
murdered my wife. In that five year period of time, not one piece of evidence has
ever connected anyone other than Daniel Wade Moore with the crime.  And
although the Decatur Daily has never admitted it, there is a mountain of
circumstantial evidence against dwm to include:
-a confession to Uncle Sparky.
-lying about everything he was asked by investigators, including where he was the
day of the murder.
-stabbing himself multiple times when confronted as a suspect.
-having the AEA security alarm toolbox in his possession, despite having sold
everything else he had for crack.
-his known history of being a thief, and a liar.
-his admitted crack addiction, and willingness to do anything to get high, including
snatching a gold necklace from a cashier at the mall, and leading police on a
high-speed cross-town chase before crashing--and continuing to run, even at
-his buying crack three times the day of the murder with no explanation of how he
paid for it.
-his previously working for the alarm company, and having been in the house
before, and having knowledge to expertly disable the alarm system.
-his discussions with three cellmates about his involvement in the murder.

He had the means, the access, and the motive to do the crime.  He has a typical
psychological profile for a crack killer--totally and viciously out of control, utterly
self-centered and lacking any regard for human life.  

But even with all this evidence, Daniel Wade Moore would never have been
arrested and charged with the crime if not for the
that placed him in the crime scene.  Just proving the means, the access, and the
motive, and lack of alibi doesn't prove he killed Karen.  But when you have Daniel
Wade Moore's pubic hair in with Karen's blood on it on our bed, and you can
match it with DNA, there could be no more conclusive evidence of his guilt.  It's
better evidence than  fingerprints, an eyewitness, a videotape, and a confession
combined.  The
evidence, with scientific certainty, says the odds are greater than 7.5 million to one
that he was in the crime scene, at the time of the crime.  In other words, he
tortured Karen  with a knife and fireplace poker, and tortured her sexually.  When
she tried to escape, he stabbed her--28 times in all--and slit her throat three times.

The Decatur Daily, and all the local press, have somehow neglected these key
points in their coverage.  Instead, they have told everyone he is SO NICE, and
NOT A THIEF, and DIDN'T KILL TIPTON.  They have given their fullest
coverage possible to every piece of slime uttered by the defense
lawyers--repeatedly printing their accusations as fact, and disregarding the facts
entirely.  The Decatur Daily can devote 6,000 words to attacking the prosecution,
the police, and the victim--without ever mentioning the only three letters that matter:


Almost five years after the murder, the Daily gave twice as many words to the
"Tipton Case" as they did the Alabama-Auburn game the night before.  They
quoted a defense lawyer from Mobile calling Don Valeska a "lying SOB."  They
gave us a photo of dwm holding a cat.  They trumpeted the defense lawyers'
accusations.  But they still haven't mentioned the "cert
petition" sitting in the
Alabama State Supreme Court that gives the other side of these reckless, and
shameful attacks.  Then they followed up with an editorial that said they, The
Decatur Daily, believe dwm is guilty and aren't sure if he got a fair trial.  They're
just sure there is a "public perception" that he didn't get a fair trial.  They, the
Decatur Daily, have done everything in their power to create that "public
perception," with misleading and one-sided coverage.  They'd rather talk about
Karen's sex life.