Howard Godbee was owner of AEA, Advanced Electronics and Alarms, our security
alarm company.  Our alarm had malfunctioned about two weeks prior to the murder,
we had been waiting for him to repair it.  The last time he'd come to the house,
he'd been accompanied by DWM.

When Karen was murdered, there was no sign of forced entry, and the alarm system
had been expertly disabled.  The two keypads had been carefully removed from the
wall.  A week after the murder, with police permission, I asked Howard Godbee to
come to the crime scene and repair the alarm--urgently.  So Howard Godbee was
called, and given access to the house.
A few days later, I got this letter.
So here I am:  someone has disabled my alarm system and killed my wife.  Everything I
own is in an empty, unprotected house, and everybody knows it because it's in the
paper. And Howard Godbee had OTHER COMMITMENTS and hoped he could get
back within the next four or five days.
It turned out his diagnosis of the problem was incorrect, too.  When a competent alarm
company owner evaluated and repaired it, there was no problem with the wiring as
described by Godbee.  Instead, the entire main alarm module was faulty, and had to be
If that's all Howard Godbee had done wrong, it would be bad enough.  But he was just
getting warmed up.