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A Lie, Created By Catherine Halbrooks and The Decatur Daily
In her opening statement in The State of Alabama vs. Daniel Wade Moore, Catherine
Halbrooks first made the claim that Karen Tipton had a "
daily male visitor" at her
home, claiming she was involved in an extramarital affair at the time of her murder.  It
was covered in the newspaper headline story, with Halbrooks quoted as saying,
"evidence will show that after Dr. Tipton went to work
each day, a male other than her
husband visited her."  The trial transcript will show she used the term "daily male
It was a false statement of material fact before a judge and a jury in a
capital murder trial.
It was not a simple misstatement--she has repeated the lie many
times since then.  No one had ever claimed, or ever subsequently claimed there was a
daily male visitor, yet it was the
cornerstone of her opening statement and the source
of six front-page stories in the Decatur Daily.
November 16, 2002, the nighbor who had claimed a person in a truck had visited
occasionally (actually one of Karen's female friends) testified, and was thoroughly
discredited.  The headline story, however, with information coming directly from the
defense team, read "a neighbor said she saw a man going to Karen Tipton's home
after her husband went to work."  It was printed again the next day, in another
headline, saying, "Kidd testified that she saw a man enter the Tipton home
after David left for work."  The day Daniel Wade Moore was convicted of four
counts of capital murder, the newspaper quotes Ms. Halbrooks' closing statement and
post-trial comments, which include,
"We know she had a regular male visitor."
On November 19, 2002, in a story covering the man the neighbor had alleged he had
seen at our house, and his denial under oath of ever having been at the house, or ever
having met Karen or David Tipton before, they mention, "Kidd said Monday via
telephone she didn't say the man went to the residence every day, just occasionally."  
However, the ever-vigilant Decatur Daily called Catherine Halbrooks, and
co-attorney Catherine Halbrooks confirmed, however, that Kidd testified that the visitor
went to the Tipton home daily..."
On December 17, 2002, the Decatur Daily did another article on Ms. Kidd, quoting, "I
did not testify I saw the man there every day..."  A brief excerpt from the trial transcript  
shows, indeed, she did not.  We knew that all along, of course.  It was nothing but a lie.  
A lie repeated inside and outside of court, and in the press by Catherine Halbrooks.
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