September/October, 2004
It's been nine months since the last hearing, and no word from Judge Glenn Thompson
on whether Daniel Wade Moore walks free, or faces a second trial.

It's been nineteen months since Thompson threw out Daniel Wade Moore's four capital
murder convictions and death sentence, and ordered a second trial.

It's been sixty-nine months since Daniel Wade Moore killed Karen.
Halbrooks for DA
It is an absurdity beyond belief.
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Morgan County citizens must decide between Bob Burrell and Catherine
Halbrooks for their District Attorney.  Bob Burrell made no effort to protect my
rights as a victim for three years, then recused himself from the case.  Catherine
Halbrooks actively violated my rights for three years, defending the most heinous
killer in Decatur history.

I had planned to campaign very actively against Bob Burrell, and would have
supported any competent, ethical opponent.  However, Catherine Halbrooks is
neither competent nor ethical, and her actions in the State of Alabama v Daniel
Wade Moore prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Bob Burrell has successfully prosecuted many capital murderers.  Catherine
Halbrooks has defended one capital murderer--Daniel Wade Moore, whom she
believes should walk free and be given twenty-five million dollars.

Bob Burrell is good in Court, and good with juries.  He comes across as
business-like and prepared.  Catherine Halbrooks is the exact opposite.

Bob Burrell has amiable relations with law enforcement, the Attorney General's
office, and the Courts.  Catherine Halbrooks does not.

Bob Burrell has some very good lawyers working for him.  Catherine Halbrooks
has Tammy Varnagatis and Linda Kubina.

Catherine Halbrooks is trying to make a career out of the glorification of Daniel
Wade Moore, and the vilification of his victims.  

Four others tried to use Karen's murder for political gain, and they got slammed
in the August election.  I hope the trend will continue.
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