May, 2004
It's been 15 weeks since the last hearing, and Judge Glenn Thompson hasn't
found the time to make his ruling--whether to give Moore another circus trial the
state can't afford, or whether to just turn the killer loose on the basis of a
contrived technicality.

I don't imagine he's considered the fact there are two little girls here who are
going through their fifth Mother's Day without their mother.
Five members of the dwm Fan Club are
running for public office in Decatur.
62 months have passed since dwm killed Karen.
The Decatur Daily thinks dwm is guilty, and that "guilty people
are entitled to a fair trial."  And as their
hundred articles clearly
demonstrate, they're fine with "guilty people" walking free, as
long as there's money to be made.  And victims?  They're
entitled to years of abuse.
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Halbrooks' qualifications to be
district attorney
Decatur Election 2004