January, 2004
It's been 58 months since Karen was murdered.  We waited a year and
a half for the Department of Forensics to look at the evidence.  We
waited two more years for trial.  Now, over a year later, we're waiting
for Judge Glenn Thompson to set another trial date.  Evil has prevailed
for 58 months.  We're waiting--and fighting--for justice.
I've added a list of all the Decatur Daily articles covering Karen's
murder in the past 58 months.  There have been 90 separate
articles, not counting about a dozen that mention it in passing; and
5 editorials and 14 letters to the editor attacking the police, the
victims, and prosecutors.  Of the 90 stories, 2 have mentioned the
fact I was in Huntsville at the time of the murder.

Of all the headlines given to the story:
59 used the word "TIPTON"
21 used the word "MOORE"
and DNA made it just once, 6 weeks after trial.
Incidentally, the DNA hasn't even been mentioned in the
text of the
articles for over a year now.
Judge Glenn Thompson has scheduled a hearing for January
20 at 9AM to consider
dismissing the five capital murder
charges against Daniel Wade Moore.

The hearing is expected to last at least one full day.
I've added Catherine Halbrooks' opening
statement from the first trial to the website.
And here's an excerpt from Sherman Powell's opening statement, regarding Moore's
pubic hair found in a bloody washcloth in the bed:

And another thing that I want to point out to you is this.  I think that--well, I
won't go there.  In this particular case they expect to tell you--they expect to prove
to you with their evidence and we're going to expect the evidence to bear this out,
but they expect the evidence to show, he said, that there was a wet rag in there in
the bed and it contained a hair that was his.  He said it was his and the experts will
say it was his.  Well, we think in this case that you know enough about people that
rape and rob or kill and as much as I knew or Daniel Moore knew, and he tells you
that somebody is going to go over there and get them a wet rag and a towel and go
in there and jump in the bed with somebody and rape them and kill them.

   Yep, that's what he said.  And Catherine Halbrooks calls my website rambling and
hard to follow.  I submit Brother Powell's lost some brain cells along the way.
If you think I've taken Powell's incoherent babbling
out of context, read his entire opening statement
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