January, 2004
It is the most heinous crime imaginable.  Sexual assault.  Beating.  
Extended torture with a knife.  Murder.

It is the most damning, reliable evidence imaginable.  DNA.  The killer's
pubic hair, covered with the victim's blood, in the heart of the crime scene.
Multiple admissions of involvement.  Motive, means, and opportunity.

The defendant was convicted on four counts of capital murder, in a trial
the judge says was consistent with the evidence and the law.

The same judge then awards the defendant a new trial, specifically stating
his ruling is not based on any new evidence.

On January 20, the same judge is having a hearing to consider dropping all
the charges against the defendant.

I'm a psychiatrist.  I've treated thousands of psychotics.  And I must say, I
have never seen anyone, or anything, as crazy as this.  
Today, January 20, 2004, Judge Glenn Thompson made it abundantly clear to everyone
involved that he intends to turn Daniel Wade Moore loose--to excuse him for any
responsibility for the robbing, beating, extended torture, and murder of Karen Croft

He began the proceeding by ordering me--the surviving spouse of the homicide
victim--to leave the proceeding.  He did it because his friend Sherman Powell asked him
to; Powell had me subpoenaed as a witness in the hearing (after the hearing had begun).
 So I was banned from the proceeding.

Note the following quote from the
Constitution of the State of Alabama:

15-23-67.  Right to be present throughout proceedings.

The victim has the right to be present throughout all criminal
pursuant to Section 15-14-50 et seq.

Definition of victim:  A person against whom the criminal offense
has been committed, or if the person is killed or incapacitated, the
spouse, sibling, parent, child, or guardian of the person...

The rationalization given to violate my Constitutional rights?  That Powell and
Halbrooks wanted to call me as a witness in this hearing.  Now they've rested their case,
but did NOT CALL ME AS A WITNESS!  In spite of that, they have not released me
from subpoena, so I won't be able to attend the hearing tomorrow, either.

In Judge Glenn Thompson's courtroom:
the Constitution of the State of Alabama is inconsequential...
DNA evidence is inconsequential...
And the robbery, beating, sexual assault, extended torture with a knife, and murder of
Karen Croft Tipton is inconsequential...

The killer and the crazies are celebrating.