September, 2006
Although it's not clear in the local press, the Court of Criminal
Appeals has issued its Certificate of Judgment, the formal order
for Daniel Wade Moore to be retried.  It gives jurisdiction of the
case back to Judge Glenn Thompson.  The State has filed motion
for recusal with Judge Thompson, as per protocol.  Thompson is
expected to have a hearing to consider the recusal motion.
Beach Pics
October, 2006
  The ball remains in Judge Glenn Thompson's Court, where it
has been sitting for the last two months.  The motions for bail
and for recusal remain unanswered.  Mr. Powell's
much-publicized appeal to the Supreme Court of Alabama never
happened.  And
Sue Bell Cobb, who praised Thompson's
unlawful ruling to free dwm, wants to be Alabama's Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court.  The Decatur Daily endorses her, of
   By the way, I'm very happy to be living in North Carolina.  
Yet Another Decatur Controversy
  Catherine Halbrooks is running against Shelly Slate Waters for
District Judge. Halbrooks' primary credential is having
represented Daniel Wade Moore, a case in which she succeeded
only in getting her client to death row.