November, 2005
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Saturday, November 12
10pm EST/9pm Central
Decatur Daily  11/04/05
The Evidence
"Tipton Murder Case"
Show title:  "Who Killed the Doctor's Wife?"
Huntsville Times  11/05/05
"Karen Tipton Murder"
CBS 48 Hours Mystery
"Sex, Lies, and the Doctor's Wife"
New Title for the show:
"In fact, only one suspicious hair was found in Karen's
bedroom and the DNA results were inconclusive."
  In actual fact, there were two hairs from the crime scene, each of which matched
Daniel Wade Moore's mitochondrial DNA with odds of 500 to one.  One had a skin tag
attached, which showed a mixture of Karen Tipton's and Daniel Wade Moore's nuclear
DNA with even
higher odds.   So why does the press not cover the DNA?  Because if
you understand the DNA, in the context of all the other evidence, you know he's guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt.  You don't have a story, except that he could walk free on a
legal technicality.   If you understand the DNA, you will not have high regard for those
who attack and exploit the victim even further, for their own personal gain.  All I can
say is to look at the character of those who criticize Karen and consider the source. It's
bad enough to unfairly attack the investigators and prosecutors.    But there is a special
dishonor in attacking Karen's memory, when her life and her lifestyle had nothing to do
with her death.
I would like to thank the staff of Channel 48 Hours Mystery for treating us with dignity
and respect in all the preparation of the show.  Everyone was very nice to me, and to
the girls.  They're very, very good at what they do.
I thought they did a good job of letting both sides present their case, in their own words.
 I was very pleased with their choice of quotes of me.  They were a fair representation
of what took place over a four hour interview.  Except for all that talk about the DNA,
of course.  But then, it was not my story, and it was not Daniel Wade Moore's story.  It
was CBS's story (and a good one), packaged as "Sex, Lies, and the Doctor's Wife."

The most important line in the show to me was "In the end, you have to look at the

I would like to welcome all the new visitors to the site.
Huntsville Times, 11/29/05
Decatur Daily, 11/30/05
Powell asks for dwm to be released on bond.
Powell:  "It's not like he's going to run off."
Gary Wade Moore's advice to his son:  "Leave Alabama and never come back."