There will be an oral argument before the Court of Criminal Appeals:

Date and time:  Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 10:30-11:30am.
Place: State Judicial Building
Five Judges: Court of Criminal Appeals
Four Attorneys: Powell/Kyle and Poe/Maze.
Ultimate Question:  Does dwm go free, or does he go back to trial?
Significance:  Who knows?  There will be great interest in what the
Judges ask--what they are seeing as key points.  It's not likely to be
high drama, but it might give some hints of how the Court will
eventually rule.  
Decatur Daily, 06/01/05
Summary of events:
Judge Thompson Frees Daniel Wade Moore (
here for the ruling).

It is appealed.
The State files a brief (
click here for the brief).
The defense files a response, and the State responds
to that.
Then, in August there will be oral arguments.
The disposition from that point is utterly at the
discretion of the Appeals Court.
Huntsville Times, 06/01/05
June, 2005
My perception of these events:  it's lawyering about lawyering about

The sad fact is that this process will decide whether dwm should be
tried for torturing Karen to death, or whether he will walk free on legal

I find it ironic that a question of such importance will be made by
lawyers, in the absence of the real people involved.  Instead, everyone
is represented by lawyers.  As a result, a stark, simple reality is
transformed into a complex mess of lawyering.  It bears no discernible
relation to the real world.

In the real world, it's all about the DNA.
Local press covers the defense response.