The oral argument has been rescheduled for August 16, 2005 from 10:30
until 11:30am.
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July 12, 2005 Decatur Daily
Another update on dwm's lawsuit
against everybody.
Tentative date for the CBS
48 Hours show:  September
The oral argument took place as scheduled.  Through the years, it's the first
legal proceeding I've missed.  Except for the last hearing, of course, when Judge
Thompson wouldn't allow me to attend.  I've read my brother's
account. I've
also read the
Huntsville Times version.   They're a perfect contrast between the
eyes of the victim and the eyes of the press.  The local press version is that
Thompson was praised as courageous by Judge Cobb, and then some things
about extramarital affairs, sex toys, and hard drives.  I note the newspaper
version doesn't include Beth Slate Poe's response to the accusation of
extramarital affairs.  It's all a very tiresome old story of slandering an innocent
victim, her survivors, and
all who seek justice for her.

Judge Sue Bell Cobb was Judge Thompson's advocate in the proceeding.  Judge
Greg Shaw, on the other hand, asked razor-sharp questions that focused on the
"pure question of law."  It is a given that Judge Glenn Thompson and Daniel
Wade Moore have one vote in their favor.  It's hardly a surprise.  But four other
votes remain, and they will decide if dwm goes to trial, or goes free.  

There is no way to predict when a ruling will come.  The usual time-frame for
similar rulings is between three months to a year or longer. There is a possibility,
however, that they might rule much sooner because of it being an "expedited"
appeal.  And because this is a slam dunk pure question of law that doesn't
require a lot of time to decide.

We are likely years away from a second trial, or Moore could walk free any
minute.  The only path from here to justice is a second trial with a different
August 17, 2005
I've looked for a Decatur Daily article.  Had I
found one, I think it would have looked
like this.
August 16, 2005
August 18, 2005 Decatur Daily