October  2003
Today, October 1, 2003, rumors have spread throughout north Alabama that I am
dead--that I have committed suicide.  I didn't take it seriously at first; after all, it's just as
true as the other rumors I've lived with here for four and a half years.  But when friends
started hearing that I had suicided, it stopped being funny.

Where do such stupid rumors start?  I think some people like the attention they get when
they have a shocking story to tell, even if the story is a flat lie.  And even if the lie is
hurtful to another person.

It is a profoundly selfish person who sacrifices the truth for attention and has no concern
for the human beings they are gossiping about.  From my perspective, Decatur has more
than its share of such people--it is the Rumor Capital of America.  

It makes me angry how easily good people are hurt by stupid lies.  It's only easy because
so many people let it happen.