The Decatur Daily has another article today outlining all the reasons Judge Thompson
should simply
turn DWM loose--dismiss all charges.  They say he "cannot get a fair
second trial because of
continual prosecutorial misconduct."    The defense lawyers say
"they don't expect the prosecution to
ever produce all exculpatory evidence that could
help their client."   It's a
stupid claim on its face, since their predictions of future events
carry no weight legally.  
They haven't shown any proof (because they haven't been
required to) that any "crucial exculpatory" evidence was
ever withheld from them, and
now they're making the claims that the alleged misconduct has been "continual" (I think
they mean continuous) and will be eternal as well.  I would dismiss it as more silliness,
but Judge Thompson has yet to show any ability to discern overt, obvious lies on the
part of his friends, the defense lawyers, and seems to be looking for an excuse to set
DWM free.

They claim EVERY living person involved in the State of Alabama vs. Daniel
Wade Moore, has conspired "continually" to "set up" their client
--David Tipton,
the police, the DA, and the Attorney General--and
even Karen didn't live or die
according to their specifications
.  They claim our "egregious" misdeeds prevent
DWM from getting yet another fair trial.  While accusing absolutely everyone else
involved of prejudicing DWM's criminal proceeding,
they are working diligently and
unethically to further bias the potential jury pool for DWMII
.  And the newspaper
is happy to do anything they can to help the defense lawyers and their own bottom line.

So what is the

Get this:  "Sarah Holden...provided a crucial piece of evidence relating to the condition
of the alarm system."  They say her information was withheld by police, and kept a
secret from the defense team.  What was the information that was so
"crucial," so
from them?  That Karen had told Sarah there were problems with the alarm,
and she'd had to disable it from beeping.  The phrase "tampered" was used...and the
phrase "pulled it out."  She goes on to say:
"I don't know if she pulled it out of the wall, I don't know if this meant the plug
or the whole thing or whatever."
The defense lawyers say this proves I was lying on
the 911 tape and on the stand regarding the fact the 2 key pads had been removed from
the wall between the time I left that morning, and returned to find Karen dead.  They're
having to lie, in order to accuse me of lying, and accuse me of killing Karen.

The defense lawyers then claim the police "
never asked Dr. Tipton about the alarm
panels being pulled from the wall."  This is absolutely BIZARRE!!!!  They've just got
through saying even the
911 operator was asking me about it, I was questioned
dozens of times about every aspect of the alarm system, and furthermore, every
"secret" "withheld" theory about the alarm was made IN THE DECATUR
when DWM half-confessed and half-killed himself.  
Furthermore, they had total access to Godbee before and during trial. (more to follow
on Mr. Godbee, the ex-owner of a security alarm company).

They complain that prosecutors led the jury to believe
Karen was expecting someone
to repair the alarm system
(because it's absolutely true), and that it had been kept a
secret that
Karen had allegedly cancelled the appointment for repairs.  This was
also in the newspaper four years ago, and if I'm not mistakened, Godbee actually
testified to this in court in DWMI.  Besides, the police and I didn't "know" Karen had
cancelled the appointment... that's just what Howard Godbee says.

And then there is the case of the
Sarah Holden says investigators took "some notes" on a yellow legal pad four years
ago while questioning her.  Sarah Holden says 3 1/2 years later, she saw
the same
with "some notes" on yellow legal pad.  They claim this is evidence of
"egregious" misconduct on the part of the investigators.  It's strange to me, since the
defense lawyers have claimed for months now that police withheld her "written
They were told repeatedly there was no written statement, witnessed and
signed by Sarah Holden--that they had probably taken some notes--but that there was
no "statement."  
It was their justification for getting Thompson to order the
deposition on her in the first place!!!
Now they've desposed the Holdens, it turns out
there was
no "written statement" from Sarah Holden, just like the police and
said.  Despite this, the lawyers and the newspaper continue their crazy
accusations, without mentioning that anybody can take notes and scribbles--they are not
legal documents subject to discovery.