I first contacted the Alabama Department of Forensics (ADFS) 5 months after the
murder, complaining that a killer was loose, my life was being ruined by the delays in
forensics, and after five months, not only did they not have the DNA done, they didn't
even have the autopsy report typed up.  Dr. J.C. Upshaw Downs, Director of ADFS,
responded with this email.
So 5 months after the murder, Dr. Downs says the autopsy report is either completed or
near completion, and I should receive my copy shortly.
So I waited...and waited...and in December,  9 months after the murder, I called Dr.
Downs to complain that I still didn't have the report.  I told him someone had killed my
wife, and the State of Alabama didn't seem to care...that waiting 9 months to produce
an autopsy report was CRIMINAL.
He answered none of my questions, because he knew nothing about the case.  You see,
no state medical examiner had even looked at the case at that point.  I got this letter a
few days later.
I continued to complain to Dr. Downs.  At one point I sent him email every day, highest
priority, reminding him that a woman had been killed here, and it was somewhat
important that they DO THEIR JOB.  He finally responded by offering to meet with me
in person.  We met, in Huntsville, on day 310 after the murder.  He had the autopsy
report--just typed up.  But he wouldn't show it to me, and wouldn't answer my
questions.  He was smug and humorless...and treated me as though I were a heinous
criminal.  He spent the entire time asking me questions like, "Did you ever, by any
chance, have ANOTHER wife that was murdered?"  He recommended to me I have
hair samples from my two girls be taken (a painful and invasive procedure) to help in the
hair identification...which I refused.  He recommended I take a polygraph.  I refused.  I
told him the only reason I was a suspect 310 days into this case was because of HIS
department taking 309 days to TYPE UP AN AUTOPSY REPORT, and other little
details like the fact he was lying in his first email to me about the autopsy report, and
he'd lied to me in December about the DNA testing already being done.  I thought
maybe HE was the one that needed a polygraph here.  Or a mental status exam.