Spring, 1999   Karen is murdered.
Daniel Wade Moore is identified as the primary suspect.
Investigators wait on forensics.
Fall, 2000      Forensic tests completed.
Daniel Wade Moore is linked to the crime by DNA, and
charged with capital murder.  Judge Glenn Thompson
gives the defense six months to make all pre-trial
motions.  Thompson predicts trial in the first half  
2001.  The DA says they'll be ready.
Spring, 2002  Court date is set for July.
                    DA Bob Burrell recuses himself.
The Attorney General assumes responsibility for the
prosecution, and charges Daniel Wade Moore with
four additional counts of capital murder.  Trial is
set for November.
Fall/Winter, 2002     Trial is held in Judge Glenn Thompson's Court.
Spring, 2003  Judge Glenn Thompson awards Moore a second trial.
Fall, 2003      The Court of Criminal Appeals upholds Thompson's ruling.
Winter, 2003  The Alabama Supreme Court refuses the petition to
The Time Line
The State petitions the Alabama Supreme Court.
The State "appeals" to the Court of Criminal Appeals.
review the case.
Judge Thompson has a hearing to consider
dropping all the charges against Moore.
Killer goes free for 4 days
Guilty on four counts of capital murder.  Death penalty.
Summer, 2005  Court of Criminal Appeals hears oral arguments.
Summer, 2006  Court of Criminal Appeals rules:  Judge
Thompson was wrong, orders second trial.
Judge Thompson drops the charges.
Winter, 2006-7  State files for Judge Thompson's recusal.
Spring, 2007  Court of Criminal Appeals rules:  Judge
Thompson ordered to recuse himself.
Summer, 2007 Supreme Court of the State of Alabama upholds
Thompson's recusal.  Two weeks later they decide to rehear
their own decision,
ex mero motu. And one week later again
upholds the recusal.  Judge Haddock schedules a pre-trial
Fall, 2007 Trial date set for February 11, 2008.
March 12, 2008  Mistrial.
April 21, 2008  Judge Haddock frees Moore on bond and
schedules retrial for April 13, 2009.
May 15, 2009  A jury finds Moore not guilty of four counts of
capital murder and a lesser included charge of felony murder.