Sherman Powell and the DWM Defense
Sherman Powell, DWM's defense attorney, is widely known to have had his airplane
discovered with over
100 POUNDS of MARIJUANA onboard, with his
brother-in-law, a Circuit Judge, just like Thompson, piloting.  The weight conveniently
shrunk below the hundred pound legal limit for more severe trafficking charges.  
"Brother" Powell got his airplane back; the Circuit Judge went to prison briefly.  He is in
no position to claim moral outrage over the Tipton's benign "lifestyle" when his own has
been so publicly displayed.  In this case, he has advocated an application of marijuana
laws, that had it been applied universally, would have prevented both his client's and his
own participation in the trial--because they would have both been in prison for
possession of marijuana.  You might remember DWM was arrested well before the
murder, but the marijuana possession charge was dropped, because it wasn't considered
as important as the ALCOHOL charges.  It takes a lot of hypocrisy for Sherman Powell
to claim favoritism by the police towards Dr. Tipton--when Sherman Powell is the
life-long recipient and local KING of down-home influence and corruption himself.  
He's made a very good living at it, I might add.
Sherman Powell claimed the sexual charges against DWM were "repugnant" (his
word), two days before his client was convicted of sexual torture and murder, a matter
of public record.  He was claiming the State of Alabama had not provided any evidence
to even allow the jury to consider the charge.  I wonder what word he would use to
characterize the sexual torture and murder of an innocent victim, if it's "repugnant" to
charge the man who did it with the crime.

Sherman Powell
didn't even know the date of the murder, and stated it incorrectly
multiple times during the trial.  He went out of his way to enter the bobcat driver's
polygraph into evidence; despite the fact this man damaged his case badly.  He went out
of his way to have Moore, on the stand, describe how he cleaned up large amounts of
blood in a BUTCHER shop on a previous job; a strange image to want to leave the jury,
considering he was accused of doing the same thing at the Tipton house.  He is
computer illiterate, and overtly lied to the judge about being on an Internet porno
site...that isn't even an Internet site, much less porno.  If he lies about himself being on a
porno site, on the record, and is computer illiterate (as in Stone Age) then why would we
believe his outrageous claims about Karen Tipton's Temporary Internet Files?

Sherman Powell claims expert knowledge of the DNA evidence, while being unable to
pronounce the word mitochondrial, do junior high mathematics, or even ask a coherent
question of a DNA expert.  Most of his questions helped the prosecution.  Being
conversant in the fundamentals of a science helps establish credibility while attempting to
discount its findings.

Sherman Powell says Daniel Moore lied in his confession to his uncle because:  he
didn't want to go to jail for bad checks, so he pretended he'd been involved in a
capital murder instead
.  Does this sound like a thinking man's defense?

Sherman Powell says Daniel Moore tried to kill himself after the murder:  because
he has messed up his life so terribly and so irrevocably that he wanted to die, and
that he was emotionally unstable at the time, and under the influence of large
amounts of crack cocaine purchased with money through illegal means he'd rather
not discuss
.  But, then, according to Powell, Moore WAS a liar and a thief.  He lied
all the time, and didn't mind stealing jewelry at the mall in full view of the cashier, the police.  I wonder why anybody would think HE killed
Powell concludes his client's stabbing himself in the chest multiple times had nothing to
do with him stabbing Karen Tipton in the chest multiple times, and futhermore it is the
police's fault that he stabbed himself after they asked him about Karen Tipton.  It hurt
really bad, he said.  And he was really sorry he was combative and assaultive with the
people trying to keep him alive at the time.  He attributed it to his
immature and
self-centered lifestyle
, and being out of control.  Daniels' fan club was touched.  We
agreed they are touched.  IN THE HEAD.