But DNA isn't the only evidence against Moore.  When you add his own confession of
involvement in the crime to his uncle, his working with the
alarm company (giving him
access to, and knowledge of the house and victim and the means to disable the
four different ways), his suicide attempt upon being questioned about the
murder, his
cocaine-based lifestyle funded by exclusively illegal means, his lack of
, his lies to the investigators, his admission to multiple cellmates of involvement,
the stolen alarm
toolbox, and the fact he lied to investigators, denying he was even in
Decatur the day of the murder...

Add on his OWN defense lawyers' description of him:  
Crackhead, thief, liar,
emotionally unstable
, who had ruined his life so irrevocably he wanted to die, and
who didn't want to go to jail for theft and had bad checks, so he pretended to be
involved in a capital murder.  He was in Decatur
that day, buying crack cocaine three
different times, by his own admission, with money (and a video camera) he can't
account for.  He testified on the stand he wrote bad checks for the money, but his
checking account records didn't match his claim, and showed he was clearly
about his source of funds for that day's crack

Consider the most basic facts rationally, and what you get is
overwhelming evidence
against DWM, and no defense whatsoever, except for "shocking" accusations about
Karen and David Tipton's "lifestyle," fodder for an exploitative, sensationalistic, and
unethical press.

David Tipton was in Huntsville, seeing patients, at the time of the murder, with
multiple eyewitnesses, office records, and phone records to back it up.  It is an alibi
Judge Glenn Thompson, in chambers, basically said was untouchable--unimpeachable.

Karen Tipton, a 39-year-old housewife mother of two small children, was having a
quiet day at home the day she was tortured to death.  She was sitting in front of the
fireplace sewing when she was attacked from behind by DWM with Karen's own
kitchen knife.  She was just like YOU are NOW--sitting comfortably, safe in her home.  
Except one second later, she was in a torture chamber.  It should scare you; it could
happen to you, or your loved one.
Daniel Moore took the time to disable the alarm system, pretending to work on it, before
attacking Karen--
the attack was cold and calculated.  The attack was sexual from the
--the blood trail and the forcibly-removed clothing began there, in front of the
fireplace.  She had a laceration ("cut") on her vagina.  She had blood droplets on her
thighs that had run UPWARDS--a finding strongly suggesting she was bleeding
profusely, and she was on her back, with knees up, a position also suggested by the
blood on the bed.  
After an extended period of sexual torture, she was only later
stabbed to death
, as she made one last attempt to escape.  It appears her throat was cut
after she had no more blood to bleed.

When he was wiping Karen's blood off his penis, he inadvertently pulled one of his
pubic hairs out, and it was in the washcloth for investigators to find in the crime scene.
His pubic hair, in the heart of the crime scene, in a washcloth,
covered with Karen's blood.

Matched by mitochondrial DNA testing of the washed hair with a 99.8 percent
certainty, and matched by genomic DNA with a 7,500,000 to one certainty.
Remember, Chief Gilliam denied and downplayed any sexual aspects of the crime, and
reassured the public they were safe.  
DA Bob Burrell chose not to charge Moore with
any sexual crime at all.  The
FBI, the self-proclaimed "exclusive" experts didn't have time
to testify in court as to the sexual nature of the crime.  
Defense lawyer Sherman Powell
called the sexual charges "repugnant" and claimed it was only a ploy by prosecutors to
invoke the rape shield law, protecting the private life and reputation of a rape victim.  
Judge Glenn Thompson refused to enforce the rape shield law, and after all testimony
urged the State of Alabama to drop rape charges to make charging the jury simpler.  And
jury found him not guilty of rape or attempted rape, although they found him guilty of
murder, robbery, burglary, sexual abuse, and kidnapping.

I pity any woman (man, or child) raped in Decatur.  It's evidently
allowed here.