History of Criminal Behavior
dwm's history of criminal behavior includes the following items admitted by him, by his
attorneys, and his documented criminal record:

Beginning at Austin High, dwm purchased, possessed, and consumed powder and crack
cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, hallucinogens, marijuana, as well as under-age
alcohol and diverted prescription drugs.

He had arrests for DUI, illegal alcohol, speeding, for marijuana possession,and more,by
the age of 21.    He was convicted of the DUI; he got probation and his license revoked.

He violated the terms of his probation innumerable times, which is a crime in itself, but
was slick enough to fool a veteran Court Referral Officer while doing it.

He had 33 counts of bad checks in Morgan County alone, plus two other counties I
know of.

His own lawyer admitted in court, in his opening statement, that dwm was a sneak thief.
 He's just been smart enough to have never been caught, or charged, until he robbed our
house and snatched the necklace from a clerk at J.C. Penney's. And those weren't
exactly sneaking.  

He stole Howard Godbee's AEA alarm toolbox, was in a full-speed cocaine- and
crime-based lifestyle the whole time he worked for the alarm company, but Godbee
defended him--even lied for him.  He liked him.

After half-confessing to Karen's murder, and half-killing himself when questioned about
his involvement, he was charged with drug paraphernalia.  The bond, I believe, was set
at $500, and no one put up his bond.  He stayed in jail for a series of different charges
in several different counties.  He was only out one weekend I know of, between
counties, and on that Monday was offered release on minimal bond if he could pass a
drug test. dwm went back to jail. (how did he pay for those drugs?)

He was arrested for felony theft, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and more,
shortly after he killed Karen.  He was sentenced to prison for the theft, although he
spent a good part of it on work release--in Decatur.  He has spent half his adult life
behind bars.

He admitted to multiple acts of fraud, including returning stolen/illegally-obtained items
to stores for cash.

On March 12, he bought crack cocaine three times in northwest Decatur.

On March 12, he lied his way into our home, burglarized the house, robbed Karen,
sexually tortured her, and stabbed her 28 times.  He was arrested, and arraigned on five
counts of capital murder.  He was convicted on four counts, and was sentenced to
death. He is convicted of murder in the commission of a robbery.
He is convicted of murder in the commission of a burglary.
He is convicted of murder in the commission of a kidnaping.
He is convicted of murder in conjunction with sexual abuse.

Although dwm's records prior to age 18 would likely add to this list, it is clear that well
before adulthood he was heavily involved in criminal behavior.  It continued,
intensifying all the while, until he did the ultimate crime, and got caught by the ultimate

If he'd been a choir boy until he came in our house, it wouldn't have mattered.  He did
enough crimes right there to deserve the ultimate punishment.