Witness:  Moore in Decatur, Testimony shows murder suspect worked on Tipton's
alarm, November 9, 2002, DD
Testimony May Answer Questions in Tipton Death, November 10, 2002, DD
Uncle Outlines Suspect's Comments, Witnesses tell of drugs, death in Tipton slaying,
November 12, 2002, DD
Dr. Tipton Describes Scene, testimony focuses on blood, marijuana, and Internet
flirting, November 13, 2002, DD
Forensic Experts Get Differing Results, November 13, 2002, DD
Jail Mate:  Moore Talked, November 14, 2002, DD
Police Cleared Dr. Tipton Early, Investigation confirmed story of whereabouts during
killing, officer testifies, November 14, 2002, DD
Tipton Trial Tells More of Pot, Porn; Defense begins in capital murder case,
November 15, 2002, DD
Neighbor:  Mrs. Tipton had Regular Male Caller, November 16, 2002, DD
The Tipton Saga:  Murder Amid Affluence, November 17, 2002, DD
Moore:  Didn't Kill Tipton, November 19, 2002, DD
Nowlin: Never Visited, November 19, 2002, DD
Jury Tells Judge It's Deadlocked, November 20, 2002, DD
Nowlin Says Rumors Led to Blackmail Try, November 20, 2002, DD
Judge Tells Jury to Keep Working, November 20, 2002, DD
Moore Found Guilty, Jury convicts on four counts in Tipton slaying, November 20,
2002, DD
Next Issue for Jury:  Life or Death?, November 21, 2002, DD
Addict Guilty in Killing of Doctor's Spouse, November 21, 2002, Mobile Press
Dr. Tipton Speaks Out; Jury recommends life for Moore; victim's family leaving
Decatur, November 22, 2002, DD
Moore trial included lies, letter to editor, November 27, 2002, DD
Innocence Commission Concept has Great Merit, editorial, December 1, 2002, DD
Police Chief Gilliam Rebukes Critics, December 3, 2002, DD
Not convinced Moore is guilty, letter to editor, December 4, 2002, DD
Liberty, justice for all is a myth, letter to editor, December 11, 2002, DD
Innocence Project Proving Worth by Freeing Innocent, editorial, December 16,
2002, DD
Decatur Police Face Criticism for Handling of Tipton Murder, December 17, 2002,
Clarification: Testimony in Tipton Trial, December 17, 2002, DD
Unanswered questions in case, letter to editor, December 25, 2002, DD
Unfairness of death penalty, letter to editor, December 25, 2002, DD
More Tipton Case Questions, Police dispute neighbor's report, December 29, 2002,
Scientist:  DNA Match of Moore Reliable, December 31, 2002, DD

Citizens Claim Police Coverups in Tipton Killing, January 7, 2003, DD
Decatur Residents Defend Killer, January 6, 2003, WHNT
Police dropped ball on probe, letter to editor, January 8, 2003, DD
Jury convicted the right person, letter to editor, January 8, 2003, DD
Plenty of doubt in Moore case, letter to editor, January 8, 2003, DD
Moore case lacked proof, letter to editor,January 8, 2003, DD
Jury, Not Police, Convicted Daniel Moore of Murder, editorial, January 9, 2003, DD
Police Say Tipton Probe Was Solid, January 9, 2003, DD
A world of support for David Tipton, letter to editor, January 12, 2003, DD
Karen Tipton's family has suffered enough, letter to editor, January 12, 2003, DD
Illinois Death Row Cleared, January 12, 2003, DD
Alabama Should Implement Moratorium on Executions, editorial, January 13,
2003, DD
Attorney:  Evidence Withheld in Moore Trial, January 16, 2003, DD
Group Prays for Tipton Case 'Truth,' January 17, 2003, DD
Let Moore appeal move through courts, quietly, letter to editor, January 19, 2003,
Scent of a coverup: A woman killed Mrs. Tipton, letter to editor, January 19, 2003
Separate laws for rich and poor in Decatur?, letter to editor, January 19, 2003, DD