Imagine your wife being tortured and murdered, in your home and in your bed.
Imagine coming home from work and finding the body, and blood everywhere.

Imagine being an automatic suspect--husband and first on the scene.
Imagine being told the killer could well be somebody you know.

Imagine making every decision in your life, knowing that someone you know might have
killed your wife, and might kill you or your children next.

Imagine living that way for over a year.

Imagine having to accept the killer might never be found.

Imagine living for four years with the rumor mill accusing you of the murder.

Imagine being lied about hundreds of thousands of times over the space of four years.

Imagine your late wife's memory being attacked by hundreds of thousands of lies over
the space of four years.

Imagine just trying to survive, while seemingly an entire town goes absolutely crazy
against you and your late wife.

Imagine raising two children on a battlefield.

Imagine the local press hating you and your late wife, and loving the creature who
tortured and murdered her.

Imagine the possibility the creature, matched by DNA and convicted on four counts of
capital murder, could still walk free.

Imagine your wife's suffering and your own to be exploited for entertainment and money.

Imagine the killer having a fan club.

Just imagine.

How could anyone dare tell me how I should act now, or at any point along the way?  
What is NORMAL for anyone under these circumstances??  Imagine it happening to
you, and imagine what you would have done, one hour at a time, for one thousand, five
hundred eighty-eight days.  Do you think you would have handled it