Judge Glenn Thompson
Circuit Court Judge, Morgan County, Alabama
On February 19, 2002, David Lee was beaten and kicked to death by three men.  The
cold, brutal, and premeditated murder was witnessed by a man who could identify the
killers, and gave detailed eyewitness testimony before Judge Thompson in December,
2002.  In this judge's courtroom, three murder charges were reduced to manslaughter
charges (typical for his courtroom).  The judge sentenced Charles Hutchinson to five
years probation, and wished him well.  The Decatur Daily praised Thompson for giving
the killer "a break" and wished the killer and the judge well.  They'd like for him to do
the same with Daniel Wade Moore.
In September, 2002, Tracy Payne was convicted in Municipal Court of breaking into
Sheriff Crabbe's funeral procession, refusing to obey a police officer, and resisting arrest.
 He was sentenced to 40 days in jail.  He appealed the decision to Judge Glenn
Thompson's courtroom, and waited 8 months to be heard.  The day before trial, he pled
guilty to the three charges. (!!!!)  So Judge Thompson sentenced him to 180 days but
suspended the sentence and gave him 2 years of unsupervised probation instead.
What a deal!!!!
Earnestine Fletcher, a City Hall employee, was convicted of stealing $200,000.00 from
the City of Decatur.  The judge ordered her to pay restitution, in lieu of prison.  When
Mrs. Fletcher later asked the judge to excuse her from paying interest (as per state law),
Judge Thompson turned the decision over to Mayor Fowler(???????).  Even the Decatur
Daily could intuit something out of kilter here.
When Bob King was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl, Judge Thompson sentenced
him to the maximum penalty for 2nd degree rape--20 years--and told the man
penitentiary was the "proper place" for him (prominently reported in the Daily). This was
immediately prior to RELEASING him on bond, to await appeal.
Judge Claims to Dislike Rapists
In the biggest case of his career, Judge Thompson allowed the full-scale character
assassination of victims Karen and David Tipton, despite laws which prevent such
abuses.  Evidence was allowed into the trial, and into the press, that had no connection
whatever to the defense of DWM, contrary to well-established law.  He has JUMPED
every time Sherman "Brother" Powell has told him to jump for almost three years now.  
He has lied in court, and allowed his friends, the defense lawyers, to lie repeatedly.  He
has rewarded them at every turn.  He's awarded them a new trial, without even having a
hearing--a decision Moore family members were apparently telling friends about two
weeks prior to the ruling.  He's disregarded well-established procedure by ordering DWM
released from state custody and returned to county jail, despite the fact his ruling for a
new trial is under appeal. In his rulings, he has given DWM 100 little gifts, and 100 times
has sentenced the Tiptons and their friends to further torture.  
And now he's thinking
about letting him go.
State of Alabama vs. Daniel Wade Moore
"Mercy can't keep falling like the gentle rain."
Introduced Karen Tipton to
the jury as the "alleged
Introduced David Tipton to the
jury as David Moore twice, and
as the wife of the victim once.  He
got it right once.
Refused to
uphold the rape
shield law.
"Preached" (his word) for
acquittal to the jury when
they asked for clarification of
the charges.
Allowed evidence into the trial, and
the press, without legimate "offer of
Has enforced no rules of
conduct on his friends, the
defense lawyers.
No regard for victims, or victims'
Openly hostile
towards prosecution
lawyers, from the
beginning.  .