Catherine Phillips Halbrooks lost her bid to become District
Attorney of Morgan County.  She spent
$21,000 of her own
money, and raised $5,550 in campaign contributions.
Halbrooks' campaign contributions disclosure report.
Here are the people who contributed
to Catherine Halbrooks' campaign:

Ivan and Lavon Halbrooks
Johnson-Bates & Legg, Inc.
George Miller
Richard and Valerie Thrasher
Christy Miller
James R. Tate
Ronald R. Crook
Robert G. and Judith Slate
Bold Enterprises
Morgan County Democratic Party
Century 21-Goldmark Realty
Ronald Grantland
John C. Taylor
Bob Burrell only spent $964.22 in his winning campaign.  
Burrell spent approximately 4 cents per vote he received, or
25 voters per dollar.  Halbrooks, on the other hand, spent a
dollar and a quarter per vote she received, or about 0.8
voters per dollar she spent.