Bulletin Board
March, 2004
This month marks five years since Karen was murdered.

If it had been YOUR loved one that was beaten, sexually assaulted,
tortured, and stabbed 28 times:

Would you want to wait a year and a half to get forensic testing done?
Would you want Bob Burrell (or Catherine Halbrooks) to be the
District Attorney?
Would you want Glenn Thompson to be the judge?

How would YOU feel if it happened to YOU???
How would YOU feel if your suffering was magnified a hundred times
by an exploitative, unethical local press?
How would YOU feel if you were thrown into a world of sleazy
defense lawyers and personality-disordered nuts?

And how would YOU feel, if the sadistic scum that did this to your
loved one--matched to the crime by DNA--were to be set free?
As everyone knows, the State of Alabama is in financial crisis.  For example, the
Administrative Office of Courts cut the allocation for Morgan County's "Jury
Expense Budget" by one-third this fiscal year, causing cancellation and delays of
jury trials.  In short, the State of Alabama can't afford to have jury trials, can't
afford the forensic testing to bring killers to trial, and can't afford to keep
criminals in jail, once convicted.

It's my understanding the total budget for jury expenses is approximately $28,000
 this fiscal year.  This is the TOTAL budget for jury expenses for a year in
Morgan County--with hundreds of pending cases.

So if Daniel Moore gets a second jury trial, just how much will the jury cost?

Here are my estimates:

1.  Each juror (twelve jurors and two alternates) are paid $10 per day for their
service.  Assuming the trial will last three weeks (as it did last time) or more, the
expected cost would be approximately $3,000.00.

2.  Assuming the jurors are housed at the Holiday in, two to a room, there will be
seven or more rooms for three weeks (or more).  The regular room rate is just
over $800 per week.  Given seven rooms for three weeks, the total expense will
be approximately $18,000.

3.  The jurors have to be fed.  If they are allowed $20 to $25 per day each, the
estimated food cost would be $6,000 to $7,000.

If my estimates are anywhere near accurate, the total jury expense of a Moore
trial is about $28,000--the total jury expense budget for three Morgan County
Circuit Judges for a year.  What it means, is that Judge Glenn Thompson has
given Sherman Powell's client the red carpet treatment--and a CLOSED sign to
many hundreds of other people whose lives are on hold, waiting for the legal  
system.  Because of Thompson's favors to Powell, justice is delayed--or
denied--for hundreds of others. But it's not about justice.  It's all about money,
power, small-town politics--and a strong undercurrent of