July, 2004
Right now, Decatur is covered with trashy political signs, in anticipation of city
The DWM Fan Club is amply represented.

Catherine Halbrooks, like a vulture, peers down from billboards.

Judge Thompson sits on his nest at the Courthouse, waiting for the best time
to lay his egg.  After this long, whatever he does is going to stink up the place.

The press is quiet.  They don't have a story to tell--I guess they figure they've
covered it all perfectly well to this point (a sick joke), and they're just waiting
for Judge Thompson to give them their next headline.  It's rumored he might
do it around the end of the month.
There is no real news ...
The State of Alabama v Daniel Wade Moore has been at a standstill
for six months, waiting on Judge Thompson's ruling.

But I know there are folks checking the site, looking for updates, so I
thought I'd share a few observations about Decatur in July, 2004.
"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime, feel as
indignant as those who are."           -King Solomon 635-577 BC