August, 2004
Another month passes with no ruling from Judge Thompson.

So what's happening down at the courthouse?
The Circuit Court has no money.  They are critically short of staff.  Judge
Thompson doesn't even have a law clerk--just a bailiff.  Thompson's
long-time secretary retired last winter. The air conditioner isn't working.  
There are mountains of paperwork, without the office staff to handle it.
They don't have enough money to have a second State of Alabama v
Daniel Wade Moore this fiscal year, and it would probably take all of next
year's budget to do it then.

In short, the Morgan County Circuit Court does not have the
resources--the money--to conduct business.  And yet the business is
required by law, and is at the very heart of our criminal justice system.
In short, things are a mess.  It's not about justice.  It's about money and
politics--state and local.

Of course, Catherine Halbrooks, attorney for dwm, is running for District
Attorney.  And Thompson is in a position to give Halbrooks (another  
Hartselle Democrat) a large political gift by ruling in her favor before the
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