There is no mystery to me why Judge Thompson and the defense work
so well together:  when challenged on an unfounded accusation, they
simply respond with further unfounded accusations.  Judge Thompson
actually claims Don Valeska "carried on phone conversations in open
court on numerous occasions."  Thompson claims "that on at least six
occasions Mr. Valeska's cell phone rang in open court."  I was there, and
Judge Glenn Thompson is the liar here.  At trial, there were exactly two
times cell phones went off--one was Mr. Valeska's, and the other was Mr.
Powell's.  Mr. Powell's rang perhaps ten times, he never answered it, and
the judge ignored it.  Mr. Valeska
never carried on phone conversations in
open court.  Judge Glenn Thompson doesn't remember the 7.5 million to
one DNA test, but years later he recalls nasty things Don Valeska
did--that he NEVER ACTUALLY DID!!!  Selective hearing, selective
memory, and selective application of the law are hardly evidence of an
unbiased judge.

   Judge Thompson says:  
"If there are any ill feelings towards this
Court from the Tipton family, those feelings are misdirected.  The
Tipton family's frustration, disappointment, and anger, if any they have,
should be directed toward the police officers from the City of Decatur
and the Assistant Attorney General, Don Valeska, whose failures to
comply with the law and valid court orders have necessitated a new
  Perhaps I should clarify for Judge Thompson that the Tipton family
saw all this for ourselves in open court, and our comprehension and
memory function are obviously more intact than his.  It's not difficult to
differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys and the nuts in this
story.  Unless, of course, you are Judge Glenn Thompson.
   I am a party to this case.  I am the victim, as defined by Alabama law.  
I have an Alabama Constitutional right to be present at ALL proceedings.  
If Judge Thompson can't comprehend that simple fact, how can I expect
him to give the victim a fair trial?  If the judge is still concocting even
more ridiculous lies about Mr. Valeska years later, how can I expect the
prosecution to get a fair trial?  If the judge places more credibility on Pam
Smith than the entire DPD, then how can I expect anything but another
Thompson fiasco?
Victim's Opinion on Recusal