July, 2007
July 10, 2007
Today, the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama denied the
defense writ of mandamus.  In other words, Judge Thompson's
recusal stands.
Recusal order (.pdf)
Earliest possible trial date:  September 10, 2007
On May 11, the Court of Criminal Appeals ruled unanimously (5/5)
to recuse Judge Thompson.

On July 10, the Supreme Court of Alabama ruled unanimously
(5/5) to uphold the recusal.

It was the culmination of almost five years battle to get a second
trial, and a fair one. The new judge (Judge Haddock), the
prosecution, and the defense were ready to go. The defense lawyer
had filed no further appeals; he did not ask the Supreme Court of
Alabama to reconsider their decision.


on July 23, the Supreme Court of Alabama issued a "notice" that :
"This petition for writ of mandamus, having been denied on July
10, 2007, is placed on rehearing, ex mero motu." There is no author
of the notice.

"Ex mero motu" is Latin for "on their own," "of their own free
will," or more literally, "on a mere impulse."

It means they are not required by law to do anything, and no party
to the case is asking them to do anything, but they're going to stop
active plans to set a trial date in order to re-review the recusal.
The notice (.pdf)