August, 2007
A second trial for a Valley man accused of murder has been postponed.
Daniel Wade Moore was scheduled to face a jury this week for the
stabbing death of Karen Tipton.
The murder happened inside Tipton's Decatur home six years ago.
Since then, the case has already gone to trial once.
A Morgan County jury convicted Moore of capital murder in 2002, but
that conviction was overturned and moore was granted a new trial.
A new court date for Moore's second trial has not been set.
Daniel Wade Moore trial postponed
July 30, 2007 09:11 AM EDT
  Speaking of bizarre, WAFF 48 is apparently not aware that
when Judge Thompson was recused, his July 31 court date went
away.  Maybe they were getting their news from the Decatur
Daily, who also didn't get it.  They're also apparently unaware of
the Supreme Court's notice that the recusal would be re-heard, yet
again, and that at that point a tentative September court date went
away.  So yes, they got the headline right--that the trial has been
delayed again.  They just didn't know the details.

And by the way, it will be eight years and five months on Sunday.
Status:  The judge, the defense, and the
prosecution are prepared for trial.  But absolutely
everything is at a standstill, awaiting the Alabama
Supreme Court.  What can they do?  Practically
anything they wish, so long as they have a
majority of five.  When will they act?  The appeals
courts have no time requirement.  It could be
tomorrow and it could be a year from now.  And
until then, nothing happens.
   Eight years and and five months on Sunday, and everything is on hold because
of one sentence from nowhere for no reason at all.  
August 20, 2007
  Apparently the Alabama Supreme Court has ruled again--and Judge
Thompson's recusal stands.  The strange part is that the ruling was made
July 30, three weeks ago, and we're just finding out.
August 29, 2007
  Judge Haddock has scheduled a hearing 9am September 14 to consider
pre-trial motions and (hopefully) to set a date for trial.