November 2006
 Politics should have nothing to do with The State of Alabama v Daniel
Wade Moore.  But it does.  SOA v dwm is the Decatur Daily (Democrat)
covering Judge Glenn Thompson (Democrat) and Sherman Powell
(Democrat) v Attorney General Troy King (Republican) and his staff.  The
Court of Criminal Appeals consists of four Republicans and Sue Bell Cobb
(Democrat).  Sue Bell Cobb (Democrat) praises Judge Glenn Thompson
(Democrat) and the Decatur Daily (Democrat) praises her for it.

   Please vote wisely November 7.
dwm Election Results
  Congratulations to Troy King for defeating challenger John Tyson by over
100,000 votes to remain Attorney General of the State of Alabama.
   Congratulations to Shelly Slate Waters to defeating challenger Catherine
Halbrooks 58 to 42 percent to remain District Court Judge.

   Judge Glenn Thompson remains Circuit Court Judge, having run
   Judge Sue Bell Cobb won the most expensive judicial race in America to
become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama.