July 21, 2006
  The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled unanimously
that Judge Thompson acted improperly in setting Moore free.  They
have reversed his decision and remanded the case back to Circuit
Court with instructions to set aside the decision to dismiss charges
and place the case back on the active docket.  Judge Sue Bell Cobb
agreed that Thompson acted improperly under the law, but still
praised his courage in doing so.  She is running for  Chief Justice of
the Alabama Supreme Court.
Today was a day that the legal system worked.  It might not have
worked if not for the
impeccable job done by Attorney General
Troy King, Corey Maze, and Beth Slate Poe.  
From the beginning of my contact with the Attorney General's
office in 2003, the girls and I have been treated with the utmost
respsect.  People like Bill Pryor, Troy King, Don Valeska, and
William Dill:  they have earned my respect and my admiration for
handling a most difficult job with dignity and grace.
The press
Channel 48 Interviews dwm
AP wire, Montgomery
Channel 19 Interviews Powell
The ruling in full
Decatur Daily Interviews Powell
July 26, 2006
The Supreme Court of Alabama denied Powell's motion today:

"It is ordered that the petition for a writ of mandamus or, in the
alternative, petition for writ of habeas corpus is denied."

In other words,
Powell claimed the Court of Criminal Appeals had
waited too long to rule, and Moore should be set free. The Supreme
Court of Alabama disagreed. Now that the appeals court has issued
their ruling, Powell will apparently file another "appeal" to the
Supreme Court of Albama claiming that the Court of Criminal Appeals
had no jurisdiction to make the ruling in the first place.

When Powell is slapped down unanimously by the Supreme Court of
Alabama, it is not newsworthy.  But when Powell speaks, it's
front-page news.  Speaking of which:
Moore Asks To Be Freed On Bond
Another Anti-Attorney General  Editorial
July 29,