January 2006
Within hours of the murder, police collected DNA evidence
matching Daniel Wade Moore to the crime
BUT it took a year and a
half to get the results (a routine delay in Alabama).

Once the DNA was back, it took a few hours to arrest him, and a
few weeks to indict him
BUT it took two years to arrange the trial.

It took two months to find him guilty on four counts of capital
murder and sentence him to death,
BUT two months later the same
judge took him off death row and two years later set him free.

It only took the appeals court four days to put him back in jail BUT
a year later, we await the decision whether he goes back to trial, or
is simply set free.

It will soon be seven years since Karen was killed, and we are no
closer to legal "closure" than we were the day she died.  We still
don't know if the killer will be punished here on earth for what he
did that day.