March 2005
Powell files to release him again.
Decatur Daily, 03/03/05
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Appeals court says no.  Again.
Decatur Daily, 03/09/05
March 12, 2005
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April 2005
And it all goes back to slow motion.  Again.
Local newspaper:  Nothing of importance has happened since Judge
Thompson "notched his place in history" and "showed remarkable concern
for the rights of defendants."

Reality:  The State has filed its 36-page brief to the Court of Criminal
Appeals.  In short, Thompson's ruling is based on case law that was
expressly rejected twenty-three years ago by the United State Supreme
Court.  The State's brief actually mentions the rights of

       Catherine Halbrooks is no longer Sherman Powell's partner, and is no
longer dwm's lawyer.  Facts are sketchy; rumors abound.  She is apparently
unavailable for comment.