Caroline, Catherine, and I have moved to North Carolina.  I have the best
job I've ever had, and the girls are very happy in their new schools.
  The Decatur Daily prints its sixty-first Tipton story.  Click HERE.  It gives
us the killer's point of view, quotes his attorney, reassures us everything is
normal...  and (of course) leaves out the DNA.
  Channel 19 also covered the one-year anniversary of the last hearing.  
They showed video of the Chapel Hill house and of the children with Karen.
  It makes me very happy that the Decatur press (good and bad) can't hurt
my children anymore.
  Thanks for reading the website.  Every new reader is a victory for me, for Karen, and
for the girls.  A special thanks to all my new friends visiting here for the first time.  This
website has been a big part of my recovery from four years of catastrophic stress...
And it gives me special pleasure that over a thousand people have looked at Karen's
photo tribute.
  Today, February 4, 2005, Judge Glenn Thompson freed Daniel Wade Moore.  The
guiltiest man in America of the most heinous crime imaginable is walking free tonight in
   Judge Thompson, after thirteen months, made his ruling late on Friday afternoon, and
then disappeared.  He had been notified in writing of the State's intent to "appeal" his
order, which would automatically stay (stop) DWM's immediate release.  But Judge
Thompson waited for Friday afternoon, didn't notify the State (as promised in the
hearing), and turned a killer loose.  He doesn't care if the man that tortured and
murdered my wife walks free.  It is inconsequential.  What matters is local good-old-boy
politics and a legal system gone haywire.   
   An emergency appeal has already been made to the Court of Criminal Appeals, but
it's unlikely anyone will look at it until Monday morning.
If you've paid any attention to my website, you will understand I'm
hardly surprised.  I've been saying it here since 2003--that
Thompson planned to turn this scum loose, and all that we were
waiting on was his best attempt to do the lawyering necessary to
reach that end.  Regardless of the law, and regardless of the facts.  
Few people believed me...
Now it has come to pass.
Thompson's attempt at the lawyering took him 13 months to write.
It's 17 pages.  Now it's up to the Court of Criminal Appeals to grade
his paper.  And if he makes a D minus, he passes.  I note it's an
open-book test, with no time limit, and you can get someone else to
write it if you wish.  It's not required that you believe in DNA.
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