September  2003
I appreciate all the visitors to the website, and all the support I've received since launch.
 It's been very gratifying for me.

I hope the website will be seen as a source of fact and law for better understanding The
State of Alabama v Daniel Wade Moore.

At this point, it's all in the hands of the Court of Criminal Appeals, and they are under
no deadline whatsoever to act.  At any given time, they have scores of criminal cases to
review, most with dozens of motions relating to years of events and many thousands of
pages of transcripts.  It is not unusual for a capital murder case to spend years in the
Court of Criminal Appeals, before being passed on to the Alabama Supreme Court.

It doesn't take long to tell the simple, terrible truth about Karen's murder.  It's about a
crack addict and his utter disregard for human life.  It's about a piece of scum, a sexual
torturer--remorseless and arrogant.  It's about DNA.  Everything else is a side show.
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the group of thinking and feeling people
who have expressed their views on the decaturenews forum recently.  Although the
teenagers moderating the forum have deleted most of them, I have copies as pleasant
souvenirs of an unpleasant time. The point has been made several times that they
cannot understand why I have not shut it all down by charging Kubina with libel, with
harassment, with harassing communications, and so on.  They think it would be easy; I
tend to agree.

The are three reasons why I have not.  It would give Kubina, a highly-disturbed woman,
more attention, which is what she wants more than anything.  I have much more
pressing and pleasant things to do than spar with narcissistic borderlines.  And, she has
hurt her stated cause so badly, I've been reluctant to hinder her in any way. My
sentiment in the matter is subject to change.  It's just usually unwise to interrupt your
enemy while they're making mistakes.  And I'd prefer anyone incapable of discerning
Kubina as a nut to be on her side.  Perhaps they can add to the friendly fire that she's

I informed young Mr. Halbrooks (and Dwight M. Jett, III) of the inappropriate and
illegal activity on their forum, and I demanded it stop. When Halbrooks refused, I asked
him for a way to contact his parents to discuss his legal and financial vulnerability, and
he referred me instead to their lawyer, Rebecca Jett Farris.

                                                                                             September 11, 2003
Over 64,000
Several anonymous posts on the enews forum have
discussed defamation--slander and libel.  For some good
summaries, follow this link and click on some of the
articles under "
Columbia Journalism Review."