November, 2003
In the early 1980's, somebody started raping and killing women near Seattle
Washington.  He became known as the Green River Killer.  It took almost twenty
years before he was arrested.  Now that it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt
that Gary Ridgeway is the Green River Killer, on the basis of mitochondrial DNA, he's
expected to plead guilty to 48 murders.

If the hearing goes as expected Wednesday, Gary Ridgeway will be convicted of the
largest number of serial murders our country has ever known.  More than John Wayne
Gacy, the current record holder at 33; more than Ted Bundy, who admitted to 30.  
Since Mr. Ridgeway has been good enough to admit to what he's been caught doing for
the past 20 years, the State of Washington will reward him by not considering the
death penalty--his appropriate punishment under the law.

The family members of the victims were promised by prosecutors there would be no
plea bargain.  But then, prosecutors don't work for  victims.
"I killed so many women I have a hard time keeping them straight."  --Gary Ridgeway
"I wanted to kill as many I possibly could."  --Gary Ridgeway
Ridgeway said he left some bodies in clusters and enjoyed driving by the sites afterward,
thinking about what he had done.

This man, who raped and killed as many women as he could...  and ENJOYED it...
he is being spared the death penalty, simply because he admitted to killing 48 women.

Bizarre, isn't it?