After Diane Murphy's performance, the defense team followed up with someone named
Donna Turner, who said she knew of a painter who once lived in a house where SHE
CLAIMS police found a bloody garment and sheet.  This woman claims she talked with
Sergeant Jackie Sherrill after the murder and that
he told her that police found a bloody
sheet, bloody pants or shirt in a house where this painter once lived, and blood in a
wooded area of the Southwest neighborhood.
Turner says this "family of men" who once lived somewhere out Chapel Hill Road
included a painter whom she had seen in white painter's pants and no shirt, and that one
of more of the men used to drive a white vehicle that was "beat up and in bad shape."

Boy.  Really shocked me.  NEW EVIDENCE OF COVER-UP!!!!!!
Reality check, please, to all those who only read the headlines of the Daily to form your
Sgt. Sherrill denies making any such statement to this homebound gossip queen.  Just
like police have made clear they never talked with Diane Murphy.  If
any of these
clowns had any information, all they had to do was pay Pettey and Hamilton a visit
anytime during the first year and a half after the murder, while the case was under active
investigation.  This was nothing but EVIDENCE OF STUPIDITY and HALBROOKS
GRASPING AT STRAWS even when passed through the BS2 reverse sewage
treatment plant...

First of all, where has she been for four years?  Anybody can claim to have talked to
anybody about anything (it's called hearsay)...  but in the Decatur Daily it is given instant
credibility, a front-page story, and long quotes from Halbrooks about how SHE believes
these two women--Diane Murphy and Donna Turner--are EXTREMELY
What a LAUGH!!!!  Halbrooks will STAKE HER REPUTATION on these two...

All it takes to qualify for acquittal or a new trial is to find two bag ladies with big mouths
and empty heads... and MAGIC!!!!  You get a NEW WITNESS,  NEW EVIDENCE
It was the best the hypocompetent defense lawyers could come up with, in the absence
of a defense and with a client lawfully convicted of four counts of capital murder with
DNA.  But it was enough for the newspaper and it was enough for Judge Glenn
Thompson.  It is ridiculous accusations like these that have morphed into "COMMON
KNOWLEDGE" that the police withheld evidence, they "withheld statements."

It's funny to me...that the story of finding bloody something somewhere was a popular
rumor even in the first couple of weeks after the murder.  There were rumors that
something bloody was found in a cave behind the house (and there was no cave behind
the house)...  there were rumors a dead dog had been found nearby the night of the
murder (also not true).  The most ridiculous of rumors (which even my children heard)
are repeated now four years later by fools who don't know I Love Lucy isn't real, and
Halbrooks claims they're EVIDENCE of POLICE COVER-UP!!!! MISCONDUCT!!!!
But the only bloody thing
ever found OUTSIDE the house was a dead dog (2 miles
away 9 days after the murder), and I've already told that
story.  There WAS a
BLOODY PUBIC HAIR belonging to Moore
INSIDE THE HOUSE (but we wouldn't
want to cloud the issue, would we?)

Tell me, please, why any police officer would discuss evidence sensitive to a capital
murder investigation with Donna Turner, a well-known gossip and attention-seeker???  
Sgt. Sherrill wasn't even on the case, and did not even HAVE access to the evidence in
Karen's murder!!! These people aren't even capable of making up a good lie... something
they have in common with the defense lawyers.  

And is it really news that some four-years-tardy fool says she knew a painter once who
wore painter's pants and drove a beat up white vehicle??? Kind of like somebody saying
I think a MAN did it!!!       Is it EVIDENCE???
What does it have to do with DNA???

All of Karen's "garments" are in the evidence room right now, with her blood all over
them, and were displayed at great length in court. The bed sheet Karen was tortured on
is in the evidence room, with her blood all over it, and were displayed at great length in
court.  None of this was missing.  Nothing like it was ever found.

We don't know where the killer's clothing or the pillowcase went.  Maybe Cathy Moore
Money can ask DWM...