What now?
It is safe to assume Powell will "appeal" Thompson's recusal, which will likely take two months or more to resolve.  In other words, the July trial date is no more.  First, the appeals of the recusal order have to be resolved, then a new judge assigned, and a court date set. 

Does this mean the trial will be moved?
No, Thompson's recusal has nothing to do with a change of venue.  Only the defense can ask for change of venue. 

Who will the new judge be?
Assuming the higher court upholds the recusal order, the case goes back to Morgan County Circuit Court.  Presiding Judge Steve Haddock has the responsibility of assigning the case.  There are only two possibilities: himself, or Judge Sherry Paler.  The only way I'm aware the "new judge" could be anyone else would be if they both recused themselves, which I consider unlikely.  But if they did both recuse themselves, Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb would assign a judge to hear the case. 

So when will the trial be?
If everything goes well, Judge Haddock could have the case in two or three months.  Assuming no delay at all in assigning the case, and no delay in setting a trial date, it would still be late fall at the earliest.